Designer FAQs

Designer Account and Sales

How can I become a Design Partner?

You can apply here.

How can I change the name of my designer profile?

Please send us an e-mail to with your desired username and we will change it as soon as possible.

How much do I earn in a month?

We cannot tell you an exact sum per month. Sales vary very broadly depending on how many vector patterns you offer and how ‚popular‘ they are. We can tell you that most likely you will have a few patterns in your portfolio that sell very well and others that may not sell at all. The goal is to have a lot of the winners. ;-)

How many vector patterns should I at least offer?

We recommend to start with at least 5 patterns in your portfolio. If they show the breadth of your style, you can use the sales to see in which direction it is worth creating more vector patterns. One more recommendation: In the beginning start with 1-3 pattern uploads to see if you meet our specifications before you upload more.

Which styles are the most popular?

There is one question you can ask yourself to find out if a design can be popular: Is it suitable for big applications like wallpapers as well as small surfaces like postcards and can it be rotated? If the vector pattern is very flexible regarding the application it has a good chance to be sold. Good luck!

Can I still sell the offered vector patterns through other sales channels?

Yes. If you offer your patterns on our platform you can still sell them through other channels. Just keep in mind that you cannot sell your designs with exclusive usage rights anymore.

Why do I have to transfer "all usage rights"?

This is necessary so that we have permission to offer and resell your work. You do NOT loose any rights yourself. You still own the copyright and can distribute your work through other channels.

How do I get paid?

For every sale you get a commission. You will be informed about every sale by email. You will also receive a monthly list of your commissions from us per email. From a sum of 50 € you can arrange for your commission to be paid out in your user account. The remuneration can either be transferred to a PayPal account or current account specified by you.

From what amount can I have my commissions paid out?

From a sum of € 50 you can initiate a payout via your designer account.

How is the license price determined?

The sales price of the design is set by Pattern Design and can be viewed on the design detail page at There are different prices for different license / usage types. We orientate ourselves on how complex the respective pattern design is to find the right price range.

How high is my commission per sale?

For every sale that has taken place, you will receive a commission of at least 30% of the net sales price.

Why do I see my vector patterns on product onlineshops?

We not only sell your seamless patterns on our own stock platform, but also offer them through product online shop partners. As soon as one of the products with one of your pattern designs has been sold, you will receive your commission. You can see every single sale on your monthly sales report. You can find an overview of our product shop partners here

Design Style and Skills

How do I expand strokes?

All strokes/outlines should be transformed into fillings to preserve the desired strength of the outline when scaling the vector pattern. With Adobe Illustrator you can do that very easily by selecting All (shortcut CMD+A) and choosing object>expand>strokes from the upper menu.

How can I fit the artboard to the pattern size?

The pattern tile should fit exactly into the visible area of the artboard. It should not produce a white border or show a bigger part of the pattern. Check out our video on Youtube

Which size should I make the vector pattern?

We recommend a size of about 4000x4000px. As the patterns are offered as vector files it is not a critical issue.

Can I upload vector patterns that are not straight squares?

Yes, you can also offer vector patterns with higher width than height or vice versa.

Can I upload bordures that are just horizontally or vertically seamless?

Yes, that is possible. We also have a separate gallery for this style of vector patterns here

Which software do you recommend to design vector patterns?

We recommend to use Adobe Illustrator. It may not be perfectly designed to create patterns, but it offers some nice features. It is also the most common vector design software and the one we can support you best. Some designers also use Affinity Designer, Corel Draw or Inkscape. You are free to choose the software you like best, just make sure that you meet our specifications. You can find them here

Can I upload patterns that are designed with another vector software than Adobe Illustrator?

Yes, feel free to use the software you like best. Just make sure that you meet our specifications. You can find them here

How can I improve my pattern design skills?

Keep trying out new styles. Maybe take a course to improve your software skills. Think of what inspires you most and do that. We also send out e-mail newsletters with tips and introductions of new design themes.

Can I upload vector patterns created with the Adobe Illustrator tool „image trace“?

Only if the result is refined and shows no unwanted fringes, gaps or edges – even looked at at a large scale. Some of our customers use the patterns for wallpapers or large format printing – keep that in mind. At this scale even minor flaws can damage the quality of the design.

Can I upload vector patterns that were originally hand-drawn?

Yes, you can. Just make sure that the vectorized version looks flawless and refined. It should not show unwanted fringes, gaps or edges.

My pattern design was perfect when I created it. After uploading, elements look displaced. What did I do wrong?

It could be related to wrong svg-file settings. Please check out our specifications and save the SVG file as described there


How long does it take until my vector pattern is online?

That question is hard to answer. It depends on how many patterns are waiting for upload at the moment and how many people are reviewing the designs. Be sure that we give our best to curate your vector patterns as soon as possible.

How many patterns should I submit at once?

We prefer that you submit 3 to 5 vector patterns at once and wait until they were reviewed before you upload further patterns. Keep in mind that the designs should not be too similar. Also don’t submit more than

one color version of one design, as the colors of the designs can be changed anyway.

How many versions of a vector pattern should I submit?

We recommend to only submit designs that look significantly different -> this generates more sales per design which ranks you better in our listing and increases your chances for sales. Also consider a maximum of a single color version of one design.

How do you decide to offer a vector pattern or not?

First we check if technically everything is fine with your design file. We also check if the repeat is not too obvious. An additional criterion is whether we already have many similar designs. As our clients became more selective over time we highly recommend that you only upload your best patterns. Nevertheless, we still cannot guarantee to accept a seamless pattern as the style might not fit to our customers. Also we don't offer vector patterns with offensive or violent content.

Can I upload another file-format than svg?


Your Feedback said that my vector pattern needs refinement - what does that mean?

Elements in your pattern are partially untidy and need some refinement. To meet our specifications and high client demands, your designs have to look refined, professional and precise, even on a large scale.

Which keywords should I use?

The keywords should really fit the vector pattern well. Use keywords that describe what you see on the seamless pattern, which elements you used like „apples“ or „curlicues“. You can also use keywords that describe how the elements are arranged like „scattered“ or „orderly“. Keywords that describe the style like „retro“ or „oriental“ are also useful. General keywords like „pattern“ or „vector“ are not useful.

How do I choose the right categories?

First, familiarize yourself with all of our categories and galleries to see which kind of seamless patterns can be found in which gallery. There is also a description text for each gallery, that will help you along.