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Here at Pattern Design, you are in good company with other professional designers. The Pattern Design Team will help you to make the most of your talent. Your pattern designs are offered to a wide audience via our own stock platform and integrations into various online shops. Earn money with your creativity and enjoy the following advantages as a Design Partner of Pattern Design:

  • it is absolutely free
  • reach clients from all over the world
  • one upload, many sales channels
  • 30% commission on every sale
  • professional feedback on your designs
  • you can still sell your designs elsewhere
  • get marketed through a variety of communication channels
  • helpful briefings on new design topics

For details about terms and conditions as well as design requirements for Pattern Design, see:

Dear designers!

Unfortunately, we are not accepting any new design partners at the moment. Please visit us again in a few weeks. Maybe then it will work and you can admire your works on our site in the future.

Your Pattern Design editorial team

What our Design Partners say about Pattern Design


"I'm a surface designer who creates unique ornaments, detailed floral designs, and various other nature-inspired patterns. I love contributing to Pattern Design because it gives me the freedom to express myself and try my best as a surface designer. I love Pattern Design because they put all their soul to make the best place for pattern lovers."

Anny Cecilia Walter

"My experience working with Pattern Design has always been gratifying, as I have learned many new ways to challenge myself, in terms of design using my own ideas. It is exciting to work with many professional people and talented artists. I am truly grateful to the entire Pattern Design Team for being especially kind to offer me at “my beginning” an unforgettable opportunity to grow as an Artist and Designer."

Irina Arnautu

"The professionalism promoted by Pattern Design increasingly grew my motivation with each new posted pattern. The Pattern Design team is for me a seconder, who believes in my creative work and in my goals."

Nina May

"Pattern Design has given me the opportunity to share my creative vision with the European Market generating sales of my textile designs. I also have a special place in my heart for Austria and their design sense because I have relatives from Vienna as well as having worked for "Land of Salzburg" as a teen here in Los Angeles.S.A."

Viktoryia Yakubouskaya

"I am freelancer and like to draw patterns. Pattern Design gives me the opportunity to make a favorite pastime and be financially independent."

Muhammad Fiaz Mughal

"I love to make patterns. I am very lucky that I got the best source to sale my patterns at Pattern Design."