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Johara Mina Ara

Johara Mina Ara
Origin Philippines
Member since 03 / 2022
About Me I am a surface pattern designer, illustrator, and I studied for 4 years in architecture but I pursued the surface design industry because I feel that's where my heart belongs. Because of my previous studies, I have a wide background in interior design and how design work on different surfaces to create a harmonious design. I believe that empathetic design is a good design.
About My Designs My style focuses on timeless design motifs and neutral colors that can blend artistically and aesthetically to contemporary interior design (home decor) and elegant fashion. All of my patterns are vectorized illustrations (i.e. can be scaled in large prints without losing their quality) coming from hand-drawn sketches, oil, and watercolor paintings, and actual plants brought and enhanced digitally in Photoshop and Illustrator.
My Source of Inspiration My work is inspired by arabesque, geometry, botanical, and earth patterns. I create my art to appreciate the wonders of nature.
Typical for designs from
my country
Designs from my country are hybrid influences from different countries (i.e. because of colonization from the past) coming from Europe and America. Styles such as Art Deco and Modernist Expressions
Besides patterns I design flora motifs. engineered patterns for home decor and furniture, and architectural paintings. For more details about my other artworks visit my Instagram @johara.design. For my surface design portfolio visit my website https://joharamina.com/portfolio/