Figen Topbas Fukara

Figen Topbas Fukara
Origin Turkey
Member since 12 / 2012
About Me Pattern designer
About My Designs I like creating funny and colorful designs. I don't let my soul grow up so she is always young.
My Source of Inspiration Life and nature and children inspire me. Bright colors are my favorite.
Typical for designs from
my country
Floral designs and childish designs are my favorites. Also the turquoise color of the area I live in, I love it very much
Besides patterns I design Patterns, textile design elements and abstract background.
Patchwork Love Vector DesignPalm And Monstera Leaves Design PatternCactus In Bloom Vector PatternVintage Rose Bouquet Repeating PatternCoral Vector PatternPineapple Tropicana Seamless PatternFloral Tile Mix Pattern DesignSweet Cherries Pattern DesignMoorish Tiles Vector OrnamentNostalgic Roses Pattern DesignLadybugs Love Flowers Repeating PatternA Lot Of Dots Pattern DesignVintage Rose Design PatternVintage Garden Repeating PatternRosebuds Vector DesignDamask Emerald Repeating PatternPineapple And Palm Leaves Repeat PatternMini Flowers Repeat PatternRenaissance Of The Easter Eggs Seamless PatternSnowfall In Spring RepeatDamask Caramel Vector DesignHerz Ist Trumpf Grau Vector OrnamentLovely Rose Repeating PatternDesert Cactus Vector OrnamentDamask Violet Repeat PatternBusy Santa Claus Vector DesignBohemian Flower Dream RepeatCintemani Brown Seamless Vector PatternTulipani Vector PatternCacti Everywhere Repeating PatternFlora Zack Water Lily Repeat PatternBlooming Cactus Pattern DesignThese Daisies RepeatOttomani Aqua Vector PatternRose Tendrils Night Pattern DesignNostalgic Rose Bouquet Seamless Vector PatternColored Pencils Design PatternClustered Tiles Sun Seamless PatternExotic Tendrillars RepeatLadybug Chain Repeat PatternHot Butterflies Repeat PatternShabby Chic Roses Seamless Vector PatternDamask Gris Pattern DesignClustered Tiles Ocean Seamless Vector PatternSweet Christmas Seamless Vector PatternAlpha Berta Blue Vector PatternTulips And Carnations Entwined Seamless Vector PatternFlowers And Ladybugs Pattern DesignHeart Affair Pattern DesignAlpha Berta Rosa Vector DesignRomantic Roses Repeating PatternVintage Cherries Vector OrnamentSpanish Tiles Vector PatternCute Summer Rain Design PatternExotic Tendrillars Purple Pattern DesignAll I Want For Christmas Vector PatternShake Me Design PatternDamask Of Summer Repeat PatternRose Tendrils Day Repeating PatternOttomani Seamless Vector Pattern