Alison Uvner

Alison Uvner
Origin Sweden
Member since 07 / 2022
About Me I am a surface pattern designer living in Stockholm, although born in the UK. Apart from being addicted to pattern design, I love gardening and playing tennis.
About My Designs My designs are usually quite bold and bright featuring a range of subjects from flowers, vegetables, birds to art deco and symetrical - in fact just about anything! I use illustrator for creating my patterns which I love - photoshop too at times.
My Source of Inspiration Inspiration can come from just about anything, but love looking at old books, photos I have taken myself, browsing pinterest, or just an idea that can come from nowhere!
Typical for designs from
my country
Typical Swedish designs could feature, folkart, wild flowers, forests, animals, birds etc. Colors blue and yellow, red and green could dominate but now always.
Besides patterns I design cards, posters, canvas art, abstract etc.