Sarmite Lasmane

Sarmite Lasmane
Origin UK
Member since 06 / 2023
About Me I am a textile designer with a passion for seamless pattern designs. More about my works:
About My Designs My designs will please you with their unique elements, as well as bright and saturated colour shades. Abstract patterns, in turn, will take you to a surreal world, where everything is possible, and every day you have the opportunity to see a design from a different aspect.
My Source of Inspiration I am mostly inspired by nature, but contemporary architecture also fascinates me. I am a big fan of such artists as Joan Miro, Yayoi Kusama and the Latvian artist Elita Patmalniece.
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I am originally from Latvia, but I live in the UK. These two countries come up with wonderful and unique gardens that inspire to design in every season, and which I depict in my designs.
Besides patterns I design Rugs and Wall Decors