Michael Bayquen

Michael Bayquen
Origin Philippines
Member since 08 / 2013
About Me Graphic designer with new found interest in all over print surface design.
About My Designs Mostly new renditions of traditional patterns that should look good on fabric and or backdrops.
My Source of Inspiration Mother nature and stuff on the web.
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design Websites, print materials, 3D artwork and some architectural stuff.
Asian Ikat Damask Pattern DesignOld School Desert Camouflage RepeatZig Zag Mission Vector OrnamentHawaiian Hibiscus Blue Vector DesignYellow Ogee Damask Repeating PatternPink Lady Morocco Design PatternIkat Damask Design PatternHerringbone Autumn Vibrations Vector PatternIkat Damask Ogee Pattern DesignRenaissance Damask Vector OrnamentFlying Pineapples Vector DesignUnique Ikat Yellow Repeat PatternAnimal Ikat Design PatternMedieval Tapestry Repeating PatternHerringbone Pastel Seamless PatternHerringbone Dawn Seamless Vector PatternFaux Shibori Seamless PatternElegant Damask Ikat Seamless PatternClassy Damask Ikat Seamless Vector PatternModern Twist Design PatternModern Fronds Design PatternShyrdak Design PatternNomadic Ikat Seamless Vector PatternZigzag Chevron Design PatternTribal Chevron Vector PatternNew Renaissance Vector OrnamentMoroccan Ikat Seamless Vector PatternPalm Fronds Pattern DesignIsometric Waffle Pattern DesignPapaya Leaf Camouflage Design Pattern