Nina May

Nina May
Origin United States
Member since 02 / 2012
About Me I originally went to college majoring in Graphic Design and changed direction to design my own line of hand-painted apparel. Now I am creating Textile Designs for Fashion Dolls, Apparel and Home Decor.
About My Designs I love to design with interesting and unusual and trendy color combinations and patterns.
My Source of Inspiration My Daughter, World Music, Vintage Clothes and Antiques, Nature, Fashion Trends, My Pets and Technology.
Typical for designs from
my country
Ethnic Patterns, Florals, Conversationals, Tie-Dye
Besides patterns I design Hand-Painted Prototypes and Textile Design for Fashion Dolls, Home Decor Collections, and Product Design.
Ultrasonic Neon Vector PatternFemale Pixel Planets Seamless Vector PatternTribal Dance Fire Pattern DesignByzantina Pattern DesignByzantina Dark Repeat PatternHometown Repeat PatternFancy Paisley Vector OrnamentCookidoo Yellow Vector DesignFancy Paisley Pink Seamless Vector PatternHappy Desserts Red Pattern DesignHometown Red Repeating PatternFancy Paisley Sun Vector PatternHometown Mint Vector DesignTribal Dance Water Design PatternTried And True Design PatternUltrasonic Emerald Seamless PatternFlowers Of Byzanz Pattern DesignTribal Dance Day Pattern DesignFruity Nouveau RepeatOcean Nouveau Repeat PatternCookidoo Pink Seamless Vector PatternCookidoo Purple Vector PatternUltrasonic Pink Vector DesignFancy Paisley Fuchsia Seamless PatternHometown Blues Vector PatternByzantina Bordeaux RepeatBeebob Paisley Fuchsia Pattern DesignBeebob Paisley Orange Pattern DesignHappy Desserts Mint Pattern DesignMale Pixel Planets Vector DesignNeutral Nouveau Pattern DesignTribal Dance Night RepeatCookidoo Mint Repeating PatternBeebob Paisley Dark RepeatHappy Desserts Pink Repeat PatternBeebob Paisley Pink Design PatternPink Pop Deco Seamless PatternSweet Nothing RepeatUltrasonic Blue Seamless Vector Pattern