Ana Paula Alves Mudalen

Ana Paula Alves Mudalen
Origin Brazil
Member since 08 / 2013
About Me Ana Paula AM,Pattern Designer gratuated at USP,Sao Paulo,Brazil
About My Designs I´m creative and value the uniqueness. My portfolios :
My Source of Inspiration travels,arts, my imagination
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design illustrations, photography
Flamingo Dance RepeatCheckmated Design PatternEbony Carvings Design PatternBeach Stripes Vector DesignAtelier Vector OrnamentMosaic Geometry At Night Seamless Vector PatternCatalunyan Flora Design PatternHappy Confetti Vector DesignStrawberry Style Seamless PatternMandala Carvings Vector OrnamentIglus In A Night Attire Vector DesignPopsicles Black Pattern DesignCool Blue Curacao Repeat PatternSerene Gothic Seamless Vector PatternCircle Around Vector PatternAnas Little Flower Garden Pattern DesignViola On Pink Repeat PatternFleurs De Lis Printemps Repeat PatternMatryoschka By Night Pattern DesignMatryoshkas On Green Design PatternMartini Green Pattern DesignMasked Jester Vector PatternDeer Crossing Pattern DesignIglu Polar Blues Pattern DesignGranny Smiths Apples Vector OrnamentMystic Dear Crossing Pattern DesignBella Banana Meets Manni Melon Vector PatternMosaik Geometry Seamless PatternCarneval Of Jester Repeating PatternBella Banana Meets Manni Melon Tomorrow Vector DesignDuck Feet In Orange Season Vector PatternOld NYC Vector PatternCuracao Under Cover RepeatMonsieur Dalis Mustache Pattern DesignDuck Feet Season RepeatPrim Rose RepeatSquare In Square Vector OrnamentPrimrosa Black Repeat PatternBeware Of Cheese Vector PatternStar Flakes Pattern DesignHappy Confettis On Yellow RepeatSoccer Made In Germany Design PatternMatryoshkas Vector OrnamentCarneval Of Jester Orange Pattern DesignNeon Make Up Repeat PatternSmall Flower Mandalas Repeat PatternMundial Soccer Seamless PatternTasty Zigzag Pattern DesignMasquerade In Black And White Vector OrnamentLady Madonna Repeating PatternGeometric Surrealism Design PatternTriad Strips Repeating PatternAtelier Purple Seamless Vector PatternViola On Black Repeating PatternMonsieur Poirots Mustache Repeating PatternLittle Flowers For You Pattern DesignFleur De Lys At Night Pattern DesignSoccer Made In Austria Seamless PatternDesert Geometry Repeat PatternLady Madonna Wears Colors Repeat Pattern