Matthias Hennig

Matthias Hennig
Origin Germany
Member since 03 / 2012
About Me Worked for many years both as a graphic designer and artist, I discovered pattern designs recently about For me, an inspiring form of design for various applications.
About My Designs Some of my designs are influenced by the art of the Australian Aborigines. Otherwise, I'm experimenting a lot and let me gladly surprised by the result.
My Source of Inspiration Nature, travelling (especially Australia), art, photography, architecture, music, life
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design Corporate designs, flyer, brochures, poster, trade show displays, websites, orientation systems
Ocean Of Broken Glass Design PatternOp Art Zebra Design PatternDrawing A Line Seamless Vector PatternFibrilation In The Red Saloon Seamless PatternDots In Fast Motion Seamless PatternKubica Repeating PatternCircles In The Spotlight RepeatAustralian Stripes Repeating PatternPerpetua Black And White RepeatJungle Letters Pattern DesignSummer Pixel Design PatternCherry Cream Cake Seamless PatternCoolibah Seamless PatternBacteria Pattern DesignSnow White Silhouette Repeating PatternThe Graphic Sixties Seamless PatternIn And Out RepeatRed Boomerang Vector OrnamentMassai Color Pattern DesignOutback Pattern DesignAboriginal Colors Seamless Vector PatternHeartbeat Black and White Design PatternTribal Dance Seamless PatternCircle Grid Vector PatternHot Pixel Pool Pattern DesignCrocodile Pattern DesignFire And Flame Pattern DesignSilhouette Filigree RepeatMulticolored Entwined Lines  Vector PatternBar Code Vector Pattern3D Wire Objects Vector OrnamentCurly Circles Seamless Vector PatternRosetta Babylonia Vector PatternGothic Sun Wheel Design PatternDesert Gold Vector OrnamentTenderness Of Winterdress Vector OrnamentColorful Network Seamless PatternPerpetuas Letters Repeat PatternSummer Dots Vector DesignAboriginal Texture Seamless PatternStripe Jungle Seamless Vector PatternConfetti On Mirrors Repeat PatternBlack And White Painting Pattern DesignPointillismo Pattern DesignOutlined Circles Repeating PatternRed Coral Seamless PatternSlackline Aboriginal Pattern DesignMedias In Undas Design PatternMassai Turqoise Repeating PatternZig Zag Race Pattern DesignGothic Meets Pop Art Seamless Vector PatternDesert Boomerang Pattern DesignAmazonas Seamless PatternBlue Wonderland RepeatFireplaces Down Under Repeat PatternThunderstick In The Outback Seamless Vector PatternAboriginal Track Design PatternMilky Way Pattern DesignPink Cosmea Vector OrnamentBlack and White Pop Vector Pattern