Irina Moshenska

Irina Moshenska
Origin Germany
Member since 03 / 2012
About Me
About My Designs
My Source of Inspiration Nature, Friends, Art, Pencil in my Hand
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design Textile Design, Lamps, Objects, Drawings, Paintings
Wavy Dots Grey Seamless Vector PatternGreen Forest Area Pattern DesignEmerald Pearls Pattern DesignPower Of Impression Pattern DesignBlack Pearls Repeating PatternWavy Dots Beige Vector PatternDottore Black Vector DesignGeorgina Black Pattern DesignMordor RepeatNetworker Repeat PatternWavy Dots On White Vector DesignWhite Pearls Pattern DesignBlack And White Pearls RepeatBark Illusion Repeating PatternLamello Grey Design PatternGeorgina White Design PatternDottore Green Repeating PatternPearl Diver Snow Vector PatternWavy Dots Black Seamless PatternBrown Pearls Repeat PatternGeorgina Grey Pattern DesignLamello White Seamless PatternAbstract Animalprint Vector OrnamentLamello Blue Vector OrnamentLamello Pattern DesignPearl Diver Sand Seamless Vector PatternGlacier Spots Design PatternThe Lady Wears Black Vector DesignNight Of The Pearl Divers Design PatternDeep Blue Pearl Diver Seamless PatternDottore White RepeatDottore Blue Repeat PatternDream Of The Pearl Diver Vector Ornament