Andrea Mühlbauer

Andrea Mühlbauer
Origin Germany
Member since 05 / 2014
About Me I love to play with the creative possibilites the digital world has to offer - starting with graphic design, illustration and photography to picture composing and digital painting
About My Designs are sometimes colorful and clear and sometimes low-key and intertwined
My Source of Inspiration everything
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design
Magnolia Blossoms Vector DesignPatch Of Carrots Seamless PatternThe Power Of Flowers RepeatChili Chili Repeating PatternBreakfast At Mini Mouse Vector OrnamentSoftice Paisley Seamless Vector PatternCheeky Carl Pattern DesignGood Luck Lady Bug RepeatLittle Roses Vector PatternIn The Green Grass Seamless Vector PatternAutumn Blossoms Seamless PatternYin Yang Dragon Design PatternDragonfly Swarm Repeat PatternBudgies RepeatTulip-bulb Design PatternThe Grave Of Rocky Rose Seamless PatternBats In The Web Pattern DesignHaven Of Coral Reefs Seamless Vector PatternThe Flight Of The Swallows Vector DesignScorpion Attack Pattern DesignBorder Of Luck Vector DesignMouse Circus RepeatHer Beloved Roses Pattern DesignI Will Catch A Star Repeating PatternBlossom And Leaf Stripes Design PatternSwallows In The Sky Vector PatternFlowers In The Rain Vector DesignSquirrel Get Together Vector DesignHeart In Peace Repeating PatternMagnolia Blossom Squares Vector DesignDaydream With Daisies Pattern DesignAction Painting Butterfly Repeat PatternMagic Spring Pattern DesignThe Black Widows RepeatParty Flowers Of The Seventies Design PatternLeaf Stripes Vector DesignDrawn Bloom Design PatternEnglish Squares Vector PatternPicking Mushrooms Repeating PatternApples In Chocolate Seamless Vector PatternMagnolia Bloom Vector OrnamentRetro Loops Vector PatternChocolate Mint Splash Vector OrnamentSun Flowers Vector DesignHats Off Little Snails Vector OrnamentRetro Owls Vector OrnamentFly Agaric  Vector PatternHappy Seventies Vector PatternPear Conspiracy Repeating PatternBudgie Dream Seamless PatternPlaying Dolphins Vector DesignModern Check Design PatternInvasion Des Fleurs Repeat PatternSmall Olives Pattern DesignHot Chili Variations Repeat PatternRock Music Vector OrnamentMiami Beach Repeat PatternApples In Caramel Repeat PatternSnails Are Able To Love Too RepeatStraw Circles Vector Ornament