Cassandra Bahreman

Cassandra Bahreman
Origin Austria
Member since 07 / 2014
About Me Since childhood I like to draw patterns. After the idea of putting my hobby on an entrepreneurial footing has been with me for years, at the beginning of 2013 I finally took the step into self-employment. Please also visit my online shop in which I offer the drawn patterns on fabric, as print and sewed.
About My Designs Each pattern is hand-drawn and, for me, an expression of beautiful things.
My Source of Inspiration The ideas for the pictures are created in a variety of situations and spontaneously in everyday life.
Typical for designs from
my country
Art Nouveau and clean lines.
Besides patterns I design T-shirt design, fabric design, illustrations, pictures in ink, air-brush or oil, fashion.
Dream Wanderings Seamless Vector Pattern DesignFloral Surrealism Seamless Vector Pattern DesignImmortal Modernisme Seamless Vector Pattern DesignElephant Beauty Seamless Vector Pattern DesignDapper Flair Seamless Vector Pattern DesignTangled Flair Seamless Vector Pattern Design