David Zsembrovszky

David Zsembrovszky
Origin Hungary
Member since 07 / 2014
About Me I make images in a very unusual way...
About My Designs
My Source of Inspiration My imagination and brain.
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design Abstract designs, backgrounds, maps and experimental geometric shapes.
Moorish Lattice Pattern DesignWhirlpool Pattern DesignHalf Circle Riddle Pattern DesignGeometric Mandala Vector OrnamentMosaic Dimension Repeating PatternMedieval Connection Seamless PatternCelestial Latitude RepeatIn The Ballroom Of The Ice Queen Vector PatternWindow Glass Mosaic Pattern DesignCrystal Beauty Repeating PatternIridescent Mosaic Vector DesignSummer Mosaic Design PatternMoving Flowers Seamless PatternGothic Arabic Network Seamless Vector PatternStar Gothic Repeat PatternCompass Gothic Pattern DesignAccents On Diamonds And Circles Vector PatternLampion Geometry Vector OrnamentStar Connection Repeating PatternNavy Hypnosis Repeating PatternStar Rotation Pattern DesignGothica Flora Design PatternGolden Mood Vector DesignStar Nostalgia Pattern DesignOriental Chain Crosses Seamless Vector PatternBlack Diamond Illusion RepeatKaleidoscopic Vision Seamless PatternFloral Kaleidoscope Vector PatternSquare Couples In The Net Design PatternCeltic Octagons Pattern DesignMonochrome Dimensions Pattern DesignThe Geometry Of The Sun God Repeat PatternJolly Mosaic RepeatChoco Gothic Repeat PatternMidnight Sparkles Vector OrnamentGothic Ocean Pattern DesignHistory Of Art Pattern DesignMedina Pattern DesignThe Kingdom Of Fire Design PatternBlossom Symmetry Vector DesignKaleidoscope In Spring Vector OrnamentPixel Mosaic Pattern DesignCardinal Richelieu Vector PatternHot Finesse Pattern DesignMaritime Gothic RepeatGeometric Tiles RepeatEnchanting Flower Gothic RepeatStars Of The North Seamless Vector PatternAce Of Diamonds Vector PatternOp Art Dimension Design PatternAmethyst Kaleidoscope Vector DesignEmerald Kaleidoscope Repeat PatternCrocheted Doily Repeating PatternArrows Up And Down Vector PatternMystic Kaleidoscope Repeating PatternRotation To The Square Seamless PatternBlazing Flower Romance Pattern DesignArrow opposition Seamless PatternGeometric Parts Pattern DesignLantern Dimension Seamless Vector Pattern