Fiaz Mughal

Fiaz Mughal
Origin Pakistan
Member since 04 / 2012
About Me I'm very creative person. I like to play with alot of bright colors in my designs.
About My Designs My designs are very complicated but very colorfull. I creat different kind of designs and i try to do complicated things.
My Source of Inspiration Animal skin,art,antique,etc
Typical for designs from
my country
Floral, paisley work with multi colors
Besides patterns I design Textile and printdesigns
The White Tiger Pattern DesignDelicate Flourish Seamless PatternWildcats Repeating PatternLabyrinth Vector OrnamentBreakfest In Gent Red Design PatternPsycho Deli Design PatternVice Versa Repeating PatternFlourish Cirrus Repeat PatternColorful Mosaic Tiles Pattern DesignEmbellished Checks Vector PatternAqua Tartan Vector PatternFloral Flow Seamless Vector PatternCurly Sue Pattern DesignJaipur Pink Seamless Vector PatternAnimal Skin Repeat PatternBreakfast In Gent Vector OrnamentPersepolis Dream Vector PatternBreakfast In Gent Gold Pattern DesignJodhpur Blue RepeatContradict Pattern DesignFlower Fur Pattern DesignFolklore Damask Vector DesignMaharajahs Rot Pattern DesignIn The Cube Maze Seamless PatternQuiet Damask Vector PatternRoyal Damask Seamless PatternOpulent Landing Seamless PatternFlower Tendril Pattern DesignGreen Darts Seamless PatternCandelabra Vector DesignOn Dry Ground Vector PatternSnakeskin Design PatternTartan In Miami Seamless Vector PatternFloral Melancholy Pattern DesignFine Roots Seamless Vector PatternPaisley Spring Repeat PatternMagic Carpet Repeating PatternThe Garden Of Persia Repeating PatternCool Baroque Vector DesignPaisley Beauties RepeatBaroque Romance Repeating PatternBlossoms And Dots Repeat PatternTerracotta Rosettes Seamless Vector PatternMulti Check Vector OrnamentStar Mendhi Seamless Vector PatternA Floral Beauty Vector OrnamentEthno Flower Repeat