Svitlana Chestnykh

Svitlana Chestnykh
Origin Ukraine
Member since 10 / 2014
About Me Hi, I'm Lana from Dnipro, Ukraine. I work as a graphic designer in advertising agency and I also make vector illustrations.
About My Designs Nature & Geometry. Most of all I like to create floral and abstract geometric patterns. Sometimes it's both floral&geometric in the same pattern :)
My Source of Inspiration Ukrainian traditional folk cross-stitch embroideries, vyshyvanka.
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design Advertising, Corporate identity, Vector illustrations
Scandinavian Roses RepeatScandinavian Florets Vector DesignSweet Festoons On Polkadots Vector PatternScandinavian Flowers Seamless Vector PatternArabic Latticework Pattern DesignDelicate diamond mosaic Seamless PatternFishing Nets Design PatternFire Star Repeating PatternFiligree Dimensions Design PatternDiamond Set Repeating PatternFishing Net In Winter Repeat PatternBee Lines Vector DesignBee Chevron Seamless Vector PatternDeltoid Zig Zag Vector OrnamentRetro Folk Flowers Seamless PatternWave Impulse Repeating PatternRetro Patchwork Flowers Repeating PatternWaves And Diamonds Pattern DesignRetro Eggs Repeating PatternWire Ogee Vector PatternMosaic With Triangles Repeat PatternGeometry To The Square Vector PatternIceberg Squares Pattern DesignFlower Patchwork Vector PatternQueen Of The Honeycomb Repeat PatternArabic Art Pattern DesignLeft Or Right Vector PatternRetro Honeycombs Design PatternDutch Floral Tiles Pattern DesignQuatrefoil Mosaik Vector OrnamentPentagon Pixels Design PatternChevron Blush Vector OrnamentDiamond To The Square Seamless PatternRows Of Flowers Seamless Vector PatternHigh Rise Chevron Design PatternDahlia Nostalgia RepeatRuby Hearts Vector PatternQuatrefoil Seamless PatternFunny Garlands Pattern DesignOriental Winter RepeatScandinavian Retro Flowers Repeat PatternRetro Quatrefoil Vector PatternFolklore Flower Garden Vector OrnamentFeather Leaves Repeat PatternMy Most Beautiful Dahlias RepeatFolded Squares Vector OrnamentIslamic Star Outlines Design PatternRetro Squares Are Cool Repeat PatternBohemian Flower Patchwork Vector PatternTraditional Quatrefoil Pattern DesignCrosses The Pentagon Ocean Vector OrnamentScandinavian 70s Flowers Repeating PatternLattice Arabica Design PatternChevron Ikat RepeatMy Beautiful Dahlias Vector OrnamentRetro DNA Vector OrnamentBell Flower Splendor Seamless Vector PatternZig Zag Focus Seamless PatternThe Umbrellas Of Salzburg Pattern DesignQuatrefoil Lattice Seamless Pattern