Nataliya Voronenko

Nataliya Voronenko
Origin Ukraine
Member since 03 / 2015
About Me :)
About My Designs
My Source of Inspiration Nature, traveling, art
Typical for designs from
my country
floral and geometric patterns
Besides patterns I design illustration for kids, ink hand drawn illustration
Flower Mix RepeatRose Mosaic Repeat PatternFantasy Flora Pattern DesignCube In The Spring Design PatternCube Seamless Vector PatternFlag Mosaic Vector DesignIn The Pastry Repeating PatternPaper Planes Pattern DesignCurlicue With Flowers  Vector OrnamentCasino Domino Vector DesignGinkgo Leaves Design PatternFamily Pig Is Very Lucky RepeatEmbroidery From The Ukraine Pattern DesignFloral Mosaic In Spring Seamless Vector PatternClipped Stones Seamless Vector PatternKites In The Sky Pattern DesignPaper Boats Repeating PatternMaple Seed And Blossom Repeating PatternSpring Loves All The Flowers Vector DesignOpulence Is Spreading Repeat PatternLava Stones Seamless Vector PatternMy Flower Mix Pattern DesignLeaf World Vector OrnamentVintage Roses Repeating PatternThe Bark Beetle Way Repeating PatternFrench Peonies Pattern DesignFern Leaves Vector PatternWe Play Dominoes Seamless Vector PatternFolklore Flowers Pattern DesignWinter Mandala Pattern DesignElm Seeds Seamless PatternMistletoe Silhouettes Pattern DesignNeptune Mandala Seamless Vector PatternTribal Damask Repeating PatternTulip Stickers Repeating PatternMonster Stars Vector PatternMistletoe Twig Seamless Vector PatternPaper Lanterns Seamless Vector PatternLeaf World In Autumn Vector OrnamentPhysalis Seamless Vector PatternPoppies Pattern DesignUmbel Design PatternEllipses Seamless PatternFlowers On Delicate Branches RepeatEnchanted Blowball Pattern DesignDelicate Ginkgo Leaves Design PatternFairytale wavy flowers Repeat PatternPine cones Repeating Patternhorsetails Pattern DesignAbstract lampion flowers Design PatternBauhaus Style Birds Design PatternJuicy Pomegranates Vector DesignTrippy Stars RepeatStylized tulips Vector PatternLily Pad Pond Pattern DesignHorsetail Plant Pattern DesignChristmas decoration drive Seamless Vector PatternElegant Winter Holiday Pattern DesignChanterelles And Leaves Repeating PatternNasturtium Vector Pattern