Sonja Glisovic

Sonja Glisovic
Origin Germany
Member since 06 / 2015
About Me I am enthusiastic about the possibilities that technology offers us today and how you can live out your creativity. I love the variety and would like to show you in my patterns.
About My Designs Variety is my top priority. Therefore, it may be colorful, tone on tone, gentle, strong, geometric, austere, easy, light, neat, messy, light, dark, abstract, and just as it is.
My Source of Inspiration Nature, shapes, structures and everything you can discover when you look closely.
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design
Metal Weave Design PatternRetro Ogee Seamless PatternNorth Sea Pattern DesignGrey Rabbits Seamless Vector PatternModern Byzantium Pattern DesignRetro Onion Repeating PatternTic Tac Toe Game Design PatternAtlantis Grid Pattern DesignCarbon Weave Repeating PatternKoalas At The Sunset Seamless Vector PatternWoven Structure Pattern DesignArabian Flowers In Portugal Vector DesignJeans Fabric Design PatternSleeping Koala Seamless Vector PatternAsymmetrical checks Vector PatternRabbits On A Field With Crocus Pattern DesignCarbon Texture Seamless PatternWavy Ogee Vector PatternFlower Grid Pattern DesignFrost Grid Seamless PatternCrossing Squares Vector DesignCheck Connection Repeat PatternDonuts Seamless Vector PatternColony of Sleeping Koalas Seamless PatternOriental Circles Design PatternKiteflying RepeatBandana Network Vector OrnamentKoalababies At Night Vector PatternPsychedelic Chess Seamless Vector PatternMoorish Distraction Design PatternChess Board With Roses Pattern DesignSapphire Seamless PatternCross Stripes Repeating PatternLamas in Peru Vector PatternFine Grid Repeating PatternSmall Rhombs Pattern DesignWaved Zigzag Seamless Vector PatternLoose Netting RepeatWide vs Slim Repeating PatternFlower Wave Vector PatternCrossing Waves Seamless Vector PatternMystic Night RepeatEasy Patchwork Seamless Vector PatternBlossoms With Leaves Seamless PatternPlums with Stone Design PatternSleepy Koalas Vector PatternCountless Windows Seamless PatternHeyday Pattern DesignGentian Connection Vector OrnamentRabbit Couple Vector DesignThe currency of the lamas Design PatternSand Dunes Seamless PatternSay You Will Marry Me Repeat PatternSmall talk with Lamas RepeatSnack in the Afternoon Vector PatternWoven Ribbon Vector OrnamentPink Roses Seamless Vector PatternClassy Lattice Pattern DesignGerbera On A Tablecloth Pattern DesignCrocus Seamless Pattern