Christa Maria Nienhaus

Christa Maria Nienhaus
Origin Germany
Member since 07 / 2015
About Me As a child, I liked to colorfully decorate edges of letters. Creating seamless patterns has a similar meditative quality to me. An unbound lust to try out everything is my motor.
About My Designs Wether simple or complicated, contrasting, pastel, colorful or tonal, rounded or edgy, rough or detailled, minimalistic or playful, modern or retro, ornamental, floral, geometric, for young or old ... The beautiful thing is, that the possibilities stay endless.
My Source of Inspiration Source of inspiration is what ever makes something vibrate in me. In general that could be everything.
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design Small furniture, aquarell, photos, things made from fabric and wool.
Floral Ways Repeat PatternA Floral Explosion Pattern DesignNaive Characters Vector DesignFiligree Arrangement Pattern DesignRetro Birch Forest Vector PatternMoving Shapes Seamless Vector PatternHoundstooth Variation Repeat PatternNot Garish RepeatSecret Of Branches Pattern DesignClimbing Leavage Repeat PatternLampions Vector DesignTile Fragments RepeatHoundstooth Timetravel RepeatYou Cant Go Wrong With Checks Vector PatternEmbellishment Design PatternOrganic Net Seamless PatternLeaf Connection RepeatConnected Stripes Vector OrnamentThread Strings Pattern DesignKnitwork Vector OrnamentGraphical Embellishment Vector OrnamentSeed Capsule Impressions Repeat PatternMosaic Fragments Seamless PatternOld And New Ways Repeating PatternPlaying Cats Seamless Vector PatternPin Vector PatternRotating Flowers Pattern DesignGolden Glamour Vector OrnamentThe Ornamental Way Vector OrnamentVictory Of Elegance Pattern DesignTo Turn Round RepeatSudoku Vector OrnamentRetro Circle Pattern DesignStarting Central RepeatThree-quarter Circles RepeatMy Favourite Animal The Cat Pattern DesignThread And String Vector PatternTriangle and Stripes Seamless PatternPebble Mix Seamless PatternHere And There With Dot Repeating PatternWater Waves Pattern DesignCurled Stripes Pattern DesignStripe Fantasy Leaves RepeatFloral in Hexagons Repeating PatternCheerful Static Pattern DesignAbstracto Repeating PatternChevron Rows Design PatternArt Deco Mosaic Vector PatternTribal Connections Repeating PatternDoodle Flora Seamless Vector PatternPostmodern Repeat PatternBlossoms From Japan Repeating PatternConnecting Points Pattern DesignSpooky Creatures RepeatNoble Zigzag Stripes Repeating PatternDutch Nostalgia Repeat PatternBetween Pillars Repeat PatternFiligree Meshes Seamless Vector PatternLeader Of The Tribe Design PatternOrnamental Way Vector Design