Robert Pucher

Robert Pucher
Origin Austria
Member since 07 / 2015
About Me In addition to my work as a writer, I started to deal with print design in 2015. Since that time, I’ve created mainly patterns for fabrics, wallpapers and everything that demands an exciting styling.
About My Designs The colorful and eye-catching composition of my patterns should engage the viewer’s attention.
My Source of Inspiration Mostly the designs of the 60s and 70s.
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design Nearly all that is printable, such as logos, flyers, folders, posters, business cards and so on.
Alhambra Impression RepeatOuzoud Waterfalls RepeatBalls Of Fire Pattern DesignToo Many Keys Pattern DesignEight Zeros Pattern DesignStereo 71 Pattern DesignSir Penguin Design Pattern5225 Retro Snakes Pattern DesignStyle Time Machine Vector Design5225 Snakes Seamless PatternAfrican Surprise Seamless PatternDaughter Of Time Seamless Vector PatternAs Busy As A Bee Vector DesignCoffee Beans Mix Design PatternPsychedelic Jazz Pattern DesignWhale Ahead Vector OrnamentGood Old Vinyl Vector DesignFoolscap RepeatAirwaves Repeating PatternElephants Dream Design PatternFin de Siecle Repeat PatternUFOS Coming Design PatternStay Tuned Vector PatternCreepers In My Garden Pattern DesignLava Lamp Seamless PatternStacked Chairs Seamless PatternSunset In Appalachia Seamless PatternFish Tank Jam Seamless Vector PatternStill More Beans Design PatternBeware Of The Teeth Pattern DesignVillage Without People Seamless Vector PatternThe Other Reality Pattern DesignWindows to Mars RepeatMedium Wave Design PatternNightshade Repeating PatternIndoor Outdoor Repeating PatternMasked Balls Pattern DesignPaint It Black RepeatThree Repeating PatternSun in the Night Vector DesignPick up the Pieces Seamless Vector PatternColliding Stars Vector DesignDigital Roses Vector DesignSnail Tramp RepeatClimbing Beans Repeat PatternCreative Sixty Circles Repeat PatternNote The Announcement Design PatternBridges and Tunnels Seamless PatternCandy Land Design PatternMagic Mushrooms Pattern DesignStrange Brew Design PatternBodega RepeatBitter Pills Pattern DesignThe Geometry of Blooms Pattern DesignForgotten Parcels Vector DesignAtlantis Pattern DesignFruit Salad Repeat PatternButterfly Squadron Seamless PatternRetro Egg Vector DesignBubbling Lava Seamless Vector Pattern