Olga Petrakova

Olga Petrakova
Origin Ukraine
Member since 10 / 2015
About Me
About My Designs
My Source of Inspiration Nature, Life, People.
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design
Chili Peppers Design PatternSkeletons and Monsters Seamless Vector PatternWoodcut Skulls And Roses Vector DesignTiny Garden Life Seamless Vector PatternWoodcut Skulls Repeating PatternCool Looking Skull RepeatCute Dogs Meeting Repeating PatternWild Rose Bouquet Design PatternSkeleton Heads Pattern DesignCute Dogs Repeat PatternTrees And Leaves Design PatternGood Night My Friends Pattern DesignGood Night My Animal Friends Seamless PatternWild Rose Design PatternGrungy Skulls Pattern DesignWild Roses And Cute Birdies Vector PatternSkulls And Roses Pattern DesignSmoking Skulls Seamless PatternReturn Of The English Roses Vector PatternWild Roses And Cute Birds Seamless Vector PatternSkeleton and Monster Friends Vector PatternFox Meeting Seamless Vector PatternSkulls And Roses Seamless Vector PatternGentleman Skulls Repeat PatternDead Sailors Pattern DesignBirds In Rose Garden RepeatCut Roses Repeat PatternDogs Meeting Vector PatternTextured Shapes Vector PatternHaunted Trees Vector DesignHipster Skulls Repeating PatternTextured Geometric Shapes Vector PatternSweet Death Vector PatternTweeting Roses Repeat PatternEternity Skull silhouette in engraving style Vector DesignStylized Heart Eye Skulls Vector DesignSmall half-colored bouquets of roses Pattern DesignA Lot Of Different Materials Repeat PatternSpring Bloom Vector OrnamentCute cartoon skeleton skulls and bones Design PatternHaunted Forest Pattern DesignBird Houses  Pattern DesignSpring Dream Pattern DesignSummer Blossoms Seamless Vector PatternFlower Dream Seamless PatternSummer Garden Design PatternChili Time Pattern DesignBirdland Pattern Design