Julia Smirnova

Julia Smirnova
Origin Russia
Member since 11 / 2015
About Me Designer of vector art & illustrations
About My Designs
My Source of Inspiration Everyday life
Typical for designs from
my country
We know a lot about winter:)
Besides patterns I design Linocuts and watercolors
Leaf Me Repeating PatternDino World Pattern DesignRabbits Garden Vector DesignFairy Branches Seamless Vector PatternChristmas Cats in Sweaters Design PatternWinter Cats Vector DesignChristmas Cats Pattern DesignMystical Forest Vector OrnamentMediterranean Sea Seamless PatternSpring Rock Pattern DesignMediterranean Sea Fishes Vector PatternSnowflakes At Night Seamless Vector PatternNight Creatures Repeat PatternSunshine Blob Design PatternSucculent Pots Design PatternIvory Garden Pattern DesignSummer Festival Pattern DesignDreaming Winter Cats Seamless Vector PatternI Love Knitting Pattern DesignTeacup Romance Vector OrnamentDino Friends Vector PatternRetro Jugs Pattern DesignSnow Is Falling Vector PatternNight Forest Seamless PatternSeashells Seamless Vector PatternOwls In The Forest Vector DesignJungle Leaf Collection RepeatMoon Phases Design PatternSunny Days in My Garden Vector PatternSmells Delicious Pattern DesignSnowstorm Pattern DesignOutline Seashells Design PatternTime for tea Repeat PatternForest Minimal Pattern DesignKnitting With Love Seamless PatternSeashells And Sand Seamless Vector PatternBoho Patch Pattern DesignKnitting RepeatRetro Pitchers RepeatThe Cool Cats Pattern DesignPottery Seamless PatternAfrican Trophies Pattern DesignTime For Knitting Vector OrnamentNight Forest Flora Design PatternBoho Festival Pattern DesignPufferfish Vector PatternWinter Time Repeat PatternPotted Plants Lover Repeat PatternOwl Moonwalk Repeat PatternMonstera Seamless Vector PatternCute Seashells Repeating PatternHooo-hooo Pattern DesignMoments of this Summer Seamless PatternShells RepeatRadishes And Carrots Seamless Vector PatternWinter Tea Potpourri Vector DesignMy Sunny Garden RepeatWinter Joy Repeating PatternLittle Sparrows Design PatternI Wish A Christmas Punch Repeat