Alex Zel

Alex Zel
Origin Spain
Member since 11 / 2015
About Me Welcome to my Isometric world! My name is Alex. I’m a designer and Illustrator. I work in this industry for over 10 years and I like to draw vector illustrations and urban objects
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Key And Lock Repeating PatternRetro Cars Vector DesignChristmas Is Here RepeatBuildings Repeating PatternUrban Traffic Repeating PatternCityscape Design PatternCool Snowflake Pattern DesignCity Line Vector OrnamentAround The World Pattern DesignIsometric City RepeatCity View From Above Design PatternTown Houses Pattern DesignHigh-speed Highway Vector OrnamentAnimal Fur Repeat PatternTop View Suburb Vector DesignSmall Town Traffic Seamless PatternCity Traffic Repeat PatternCitty Traffic Design PatternCity Highway Repeat PatternIsometric Pasture Design PatternCity Transport Seamless PatternAirport Pattern DesignForest Landscape Seamless Vector PatternIsometric House Vector DesignRainbow Star Borders Pattern DesignIsometric Home Pattern DesignConstruction Tools Design PatternIsometric Hotel Pool Vector OrnamentIsometric Trees Repeating Pattern