Olga Ublinskikh

Olga Ublinskikh
Origin Russia
Member since 12 / 2015
About Me Hi! I’m vector artist. I like to draw beauty unusual images. Feel free to email me: Silmen@yandex.ru
About My Designs I love the combination of simplicity and expressiveness, bright colors and interesting silhouettes.
My Source of Inspiration
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design
My Little House Vector PatternWhale Kids RepeatScandinavian Summers RepeatGrafical Birds Seamless PatternStylish Poppy Vector OrnamentTrees In Autumn Design PatternPainted Fir Woods Seamless PatternGhost Game Vector PatternSardines Vector PatternPainted Retro Flowers Vector DesignDecorative Botanic Repeating PatternAngry Pumpkins Repeat PatternAmerican Mountain Tops Repeating PatternMountain Tops Seamless Vector PatternGrowing Love Seamless PatternMeshy Flowers Repeating PatternMesh Flowers RepeatFantasy Retro Flora RepeatCrowned Blossoms Repeating PatternContour Flower Mesh Repeat PatternPatchwork Leaves Vector DesignCorals Vector PatternA Childish World Seamless Vector PatternCocoa Harvest Seamless Vector PatternScandi Rosehips Vector DesignSquared Labyrinth  Pattern DesignRaindrop Wings Pattern DesignDandelion Seeds Repeating PatternA Sailor Life Seamless PatternTiny Village Pattern DesignSpirals of Leaves Repeat PatternJoining Hearts Vector OrnamentTownhouses RepeatSpiral Fingerprint Design PatternWinter Firs Seamless Vector PatternWater Bubbles In The Ocean Vector DesignToy Box Vector PatternStroke Trees RepeatAfrican Pixel Repeat PatternRainy Weather Repeat PatternConfetti Polka Dots Seamless PatternThe Splash Design PatternHearts Everywhere I Go Repeating PatternFlying Love Letters For You Repeat PatternVertical Planting Seamless Pattern