Gill Eggleston

Gill Eggleston
Origin France
Member since 09 / 2012
About Me I am a textile, surface pattern designer and sometimes illustrator, originally from the UK but now based in France.
About My Designs Contemporary, mostly
My Source of Inspiration Nature, retro, vintage textiles, architecture, travel, 20th century modern art.
Typical for designs from
my country
Too many to mention!
Besides patterns I design Fabrics and wallcoverings, prints and illustrations for stationery and giftware
Destiny Flower Repeat PatternRetro Poppy Seamless PatternLeaf Traces Of Spring Vector DesignLeaf Lines Design PatternPhileas II Vector PatternKashmir Chequerwise RepeatLeaf On Strings Vector PatternRomana Pattern DesignAntigua Floral RepeatTheodora Pattern DesignRetro Elegance Vector OrnamentNula Fucsia Repeat PatternNula Nero Repeating PatternRomana II Pattern DesignEmiliano III RepeatHeart For Heart Repeating PatternTheodore II Design PatternAmors Arrows III Vector DesignWindows To The Modern Art Vector PatternRose Garden Of The Fifties Vector PatternTheodora III Vector OrnamentPhileas III Vector DesignEmiliano II Repeat PatternKimi Floral Pattern DesignAmors Arrows II Vector PatternEmiliano Repeating PatternAvery III Vector DesignEnchanting Patchwork Flowers RepeatNula Fucsia II Pattern DesignAmors Arrows I Seamless Vector PatternAvery II Vector PatternSewing Hearts Repeating PatternEastern Arabesques Design PatternCeylon Mandala Pattern DesignDreamcatcher Constellations Seamless Vector PatternCornelius 3 RepeatCornelius 2 Repeat PatternCornelius Repeating PatternGraphical Blooms RepeatDamask Corinne Seamless PatternSevilla Vector OrnamentGinkgo Leaf Pattern DesignValencia Design PatternAvery Seamless Vector PatternPhileas Seamless Vector PatternMyrtle Floral Vector PatternMonotone Tulip RepeatAva Floral Pattern DesignBaby Floral RepeatCrocus Flower Design PatternImperfect Concentric Design PatternKampala Vector OrnamentInnocence Offset Repeat PatternDancing Spring Flowers Vector DesignRetrogeo Repeating Pattern