Artsiom Petrachenka

Artsiom Petrachenka
Origin Belarus
Member since 02 / 2016
About Me Indie designer
About My Designs Another Look at the simple things
My Source of Inspiration Life, sun & friends
Typical for designs from
my country
Geometric ornament
Besides patterns I design Miscellaneous vector illustration and designs
Abstract Growth Ring Pattern DesignCreepy Hands Seamless Vector PatternChristmas Tree Bauble Cookies Design PatternCarnations Vector OrnamentStamped Autumn Pattern DesignNostalgic Carnations Repeating PatternBlock Print Leaves Pattern DesignFunny Whale Pattern DesignPassion For Carnations Pattern DesignCornflower Repeat PatternFurry Cheetah Dots Vector OrnamentBOO Vector OrnamentTrendy Tribal Stripes Vector DesignComic Action Seamless PatternChristmas Cookies Vector PatternBillowy Carnations Repeat PatternGunny Seamless Vector PatternYou Caught My Eye Pattern DesignCarnation Blossoms Design PatternCarnation Bouquets Seamless PatternWavy Lines Repeating PatternRough Spots And Blots Repeat PatternBrazilian Football RepeatSunflowers on Fabric Pattern DesignLove Carnations RepeatBig Cartoon Whales Seamless PatternFurry Dots Design PatternGuitars Vector DesignAbstract Hand Prints Vector DesignCarnations For You Design PatternFlower On Gunny Vector DesignComic Speech Bubbles Seamless PatternGrandmas Christmas Cookies Seamless PatternElegant Carnations Vector PatternWavy Regular Lines Repeat PatternGingerbread Men Seamless PatternCarnations With Polka-Dots Pattern DesignWrench Repeat PatternCarnation Tendrils Design PatternCanada Flag Vector PatternEthnic Bordures Vector DesignI See Flowers Seamless PatternCarnation Bouquet Seamless Vector PatternUmbrella Day Vector PatternTribal Jellyfish RepeatHand Drawn Clouds Pattern DesignCute Christmas Decoration Vector OrnamentMaple Leaves in Autumn Design PatternCloves Damask Vector DesignCloves Silhouettes Pattern DesignAbstract Stars And Letters RepeatAbstract  Design PatternGrunge Leaves Seamless Vector PatternEngraved Diamonds Pattern DesignWaves Texture Repeating PatternMessage From Dotty Seamless Vector PatternCarnation Beauty Vector PatternRhombus And Star Seamless PatternCheerful Bright Stripes RepeatTies Seamless Pattern