Irina Kildyushova

Irina Kildyushova
Origin Russia
Member since 04 / 2016
About Me
About My Designs
My Source of Inspiration Ethnic art and tribal ornaments
Typical for designs from
my country
Khokhloma and gzhel painting are the most popular craft arts from Russia :)
Besides patterns I design Ornaments elements
Moorish Splendor RepeatAfrican Tribal Border Seamless Vector PatternZig Zag Diamonds Seamless PatternTiled Indian Paisley Design PatternPersonal Treasure Seamless PatternLittle Princess with the crown Pattern DesignFloral Indian Paisley Repeat PatternTropica Heliconia Seamless PatternPalm Fan Repeat PatternSpanish Tile  RepeatPaisley And Border Pattern DesignStripe Rhomboid RepeatGirly Princess Design PatternAboriginal Dots Repeat PatternPortuguese Tile Floor Vector DesignPortuguese Azulejos Repeating PatternMandala With Paisley Pattern DesignLittle Princess Vector DesignStars And Bows Pattern DesignMandala With Paisley Flower Repeating Pattern