Alexandra Malygina

Alexandra Malygina
Origin Russia
Member since 06 / 2016
About Me I like to draw things! Open for commissions - ♡
About My Designs ♡Сute & Colorful ♡
My Source of Inspiration Nature, traveling, art, children, cookery, color
Typical for designs from
my country
Mostly floral designs, typical embroidery and lace.
Besides patterns I design Wall art, vector illustrations, digital papers, flyers, catalogues and invitations, book illustrations.
The Cute Baby Unicorn RepeatTribal Ornaments And Stripes Seamless Vector PatternCoffee and Apples Repeating PatternGeometric Tribal Stripes Vector DesignRainy Autumn Day RepeatAgriculture Autumn Harvest Vector DesignMinimal Lotus Repeat PatternRomantic Flowers Seamless Vector PatternTwo Layers Tropical Leaves Pattern DesignSummer Holidays Vector OrnamentMoon In Clouds Pattern DesignLeaves And Acorns Vector OrnamentTasty Summer Pattern DesignPretzel and Beer Vector OrnamentMushrooms And Leaves Vector PatternSweet Banana Seamless PatternDifferent Summer Seamless Vector PatternSporty Shoes Seamless Vector PatternFresh Summer  Design PatternAutumn Harvest Vector PatternFresh Watermelon  Vector DesignNice Tents Vector OrnamentA heart for ice-cream Repeat PatternMarine Summertime Pattern DesignHappy Summertime Seamless PatternFlourish branches RepeatCorn Cob Repeat PatternMushroom Celebration Vector DesignRabbits in Clouds Seamless PatternTribal Bordures Vector OrnamentSpooky Summer Vector PatternScience Is Magic Repeat PatternChinese Rabbit Repeating PatternTribal Strings Of Pearls Pattern DesignSummer Holidays  RepeatFlat Water Melon RepeatTribal Way Seamless Vector PatternCircle Bordures Repeat PatternFlower Biscuits Vector Pattern