Marina Zakharova

Marina Zakharova
Origin Russia
Member since 08 / 2016
About Me Educated as an architectress. All my life I enjoy different kinds of art, especially painting (graffics, oil, watercolor). Work with vector graffics for more then 10 years and practise almost everyday.
About My Designs Work in different styles: designing for children, flower motifs, geometric and abstract patterns. My works differentiate itself from others with smart composition and color score.
My Source of Inspiration Children, nature, city, people, animals
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design All kinds of graphic design
Kittens Seamless Pattern3D Fish Game Vector Pattern70s Mix Repeat PatternStylized ornate flowers Pattern DesignZigzag Mandala Pattern DesignSteampunk Tiles Vector DesignTo Crayon A Zentangle Pattern DesignRetro Mix Vector OrnamentRetro 70s Mix RepeatSeventies Mix Design PatternBusy Bunnies Pattern DesignFresh Ikat Chevron Vector OrnamentWavy Ikat Chevron Repeating PatternWave Pointillism Vector PatternLace-Tiles Pattern DesignKittens And Stripes Seamless Vector PatternClassic Splendor Pattern DesignEmbroidered Flowers Seamless PatternGraphical Leaf Ornaments Seamless Vector PatternSweet Bonbons Pattern DesignAntique Peony Vector PatternKaleidoscopic Impressions Vector PatternFloral Track Pattern DesignTartan Texture Pattern DesignFlowerheart Mandala Seamless PatternCreative Bunnies Seamless Vector PatternSymmetrical Flowers RepeatOrnate Flowers Mandala Vector PatternFresh Floral Renaissance Design PatternTeddy Bear Vector OrnamentHexagon Mandala Seamless Vector PatternArabesques Summer Vector PatternTransparent Leaves Seamless Vector PatternSymmetrical floral Ornaments Vector DesignPenguins Love Ice-cream Repeat PatternHappy Birdies Vector OrnamentValley of Blossoms Design PatternSweet Bunnies Seamless Vector PatternIkat Diamond Bordures Repeat PatternBali Ikat Vector OrnamentSplendid Flower Paisley Seamless Vector PatternTrendy Paisley Leaves Vector OrnamentCrazy Embroidery Pattern DesignFloral Embroidery Style Vector OrnamentVintage Arrows Vector PatternHipster Festival Repeat PatternSweet Desserts Pattern DesignTropical Geometry Seamless PatternFlower-Jungle Pattern DesignIkat Diamond Weave Pattern DesignCeltic Shields Repeating PatternIndonesian Ikat Vector PatternSymmetrical Square Shapes Seamless Vector PatternFlowers Foliage Vector PatternIndonesian Flower Ikat Repeat PatternHappy Teddy Repeat PatternCeltic Circle RepeatIkat  Vector DesignOrganic Zentangle Seamless Vector PatternChristmas Star Flower Seamless Pattern