Elena Alimpieva

Elena Alimpieva
Origin Russia
Member since 09 / 2016
About Me I am a graphic designer and illustrator. Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elena_al83/
About My Designs I like stylization and linear drawing.
My Source of Inspiration Nature, my cat, retro, art, music
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design watercolor illustrations, postcards, visit cards
Agriculture or Horticulture Vector PatternOrient Style Pattern DesignOriental Style Repeat Bright Flora Repeat PatternMandala Circles Repeating PatternOutline Mandala Pattern DesignFlowers From The Sixties Repeat PatternGraphical Suns Seamless PatternCordial Mandala Pattern DesignAbstract trees and leaves Pattern DesignOriental Mandala Circles Pattern DesignAbstract Spring Leaves Vector OrnamentGood Vibrations Seamless PatternBoho Drops Vector DesignOrnamental Limes RepeatBright Sunflowers Design PatternChaotic leaves Vector DesignPassionate Circles Seamless Vector PatternLollipop Blossoms Seamless Vector PatternLovely Flower Rain Vector DesignFriendly Circles Design PatternA Lil Bit Of Autumn Vector PatternSixties Leaf Flower Pattern DesignHappy Sprinkles Repeat PatternFunny Leaf Design PatternCitrus Fruits  Seamless Vector PatternNeon Badminton Design PatternFlowers In The Wind Of Change  Vector DesignSeventies Sunflowers Design PatternMountain Ash Characteristics Vector DesignAbstract Sunflowers And Leaves Seamless Vector PatternSixties Honeycomb Pattern DesignHeart in the wood Vector OrnamentMystic Flower Lace Pattern DesignTropical Trees Repeat PatternTriangle Lines Seamless Vector PatternFalling Leaves Pattern DesignBotanical Cute Branches Pattern DesignAutumn wind Vector PatternHeart Shaped Leaves Design PatternCrazy Flowerbed Pattern DesignMinimalist Tree RepeatCoral Diversity Pattern DesignPoppy Flower Beauty Seamless Vector PatternGarden pond Design PatternEarly Summer Repeat PatternRetro Mandala Circus Seamless Vector PatternJungle Thoughts Repeat PatternEmbellished Jellyfish Pattern DesignFresh spring leaves Vector DesignCitrus Leaves Repeating PatternBright Mandala Pattern DesignSixties Flower Geometry RepeatGeometric Sun Repeat PatternEndless Abstract Blossoms Seamless Vector PatternCurly Corals Design PatternBotanical Stones Pattern DesignRomantik Balloons Vector OrnamentMandala Blossom Vector DesignRetro Mandala Circles Repeat