Origin Croatia
Member since 10 / 2016
About Me Graphic,textile and fashion designer in love in pattern design))
About My Designs Simple,trendy,handrawn,mostly kids/baby oriented
My Source of Inspiration kids,babies,cartoons
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design Logos,business cards
Triangle Fragments Vector DesignDark Retro Tiles Pattern DesignCute Sleepy Animals Pattern DesignAlphabet Stencil Design PatternModern Arrow Stripes Vector OrnamentBaby Sea Animals Repeating PatternRetro Tiles Vector DesignTropical Sun Vector PatternLittle Aliens Pattern DesignKids Safari RepeatSketched Houses Vector PatternHot Donuts Repeating PatternOne In  A Row Seamless PatternCute Sea Animals Repeat PatternDoodle Space Seamless Vector PatternGeometric Tree RepeatBaby Sea World Pattern DesignSea World Vector DesignMonday Breakfast Vector OrnamentRetro Raindrops Vector PatternAnimal Meeting Repeat PatternCute Sea World Seamless PatternHot Donuts and Coffee Pattern DesignIce Cream And Cupcakes Seamless PatternCute Pandas Repeat PatternCute Bite Design PatternGeometric Branches Repeat PatternTropical Holidays Design PatternFunny Rain RepeatStitches In Shapes Pattern DesignFunny Bunny Repeat PatternOrnate African Mandala Pattern DesignLil Royal Vector PatternCherry Bloom RepeatPeeking Half Circles Repeat PatternDoodle Cherry Blossoms Vector PatternContinuous Stripes Vector PatternRaindrops Keep Falling Pattern DesignWiggly Chevron Seamless Vector PatternOrnate Feather Silhouettes RepeatHiding Half Circles Vector DesignAbstract African Kites Vector DesignSweet Ducks And Bears Seamless Vector PatternSimple Peacock Butterfly Vector DesignLovely Peacock Butterfly Repeating PatternAfrican Illusion Repeat PatternYoyos Vector OrnamentAfricano Vector PatternLovely Butterfly Silhouettes Pattern DesignLittle Robot Monster Repeating PatternScribbled Ducks Pattern DesignOrnate Drops Seamless PatternFox Origami Pattern DesignModern Africa Seamless Vector PatternAquarelle Lines Pattern DesignMacaroon Party Pattern DesignFantasy Peacock Butterfly Seamless Vector PatternSweet Dogs Vector OrnamentCute Dinos Vector DesignCute Bunny Heads Design Pattern