Elena Vidanova

Elena Vidanova
Origin Russia
Member since 12 / 2016
About Me My name is Elena. I'm an illustrator. Please contact me if you have any questions: artinfo.lena@gmail.com
About My Designs Each pattern is drawn by hand in his own style. I create unique illustrations, which can be decoration for any design concept. Inspired by the surrounding nature, I paint decorative animals and insects, ornamental plants and flowers, stylized everyday objects and unusual characters
My Source of Inspiration My Source of Inspiration is world around. All I see around and all that I read.
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design There are
Decorative Autumn Leaves Seamless Vector PatternLove story of two pineapples Pattern DesignClouds And Planes Seamless PatternCupid On Valentines Day Seamless Vector PatternPretty Raccoon Faces Pattern DesignFlying Bee Vector DesignMermaid Scales Pattern DesignNaturalistic Beetles Repeat PatternRealistic Beetles Vector PatternTiki Vector OrnamentAsian Dragon Repeat PatternSanta Claus Seamless PatternFolklore Rooster Repeating PatternSeaturtle And Fish Of The Maori Seamless Vector PatternBeautiful Mermaids Seamless PatternAbove The Clouds Pattern DesignFlying Leaves Pattern DesignAnimals of Africa  Vector DesignPipes and Matches Pattern DesignCute Raccoon Design PatternBlub Blub Fish  Repeating PatternParadise garden Repeat PatternDecorative floral Design PatternAbstract Boho Flora  Vector PatternGear Fishes Design PatternRetro Keys Repeating PatternGzhel Birds Vector OrnamentScissors Cuts To The Heart Vector OrnamentSewing Accessoires  Vector DesignDecorative Autumnal Repeat PatternBirds and Cages Pattern DesignLittle Winter Town Seamless PatternCute bears in love Repeating PatternGraphical fish silhouettes Seamless Vector PatternCats in spring RepeatLittle Dancing Ballerinas Seamless Vector PatternGecko Hiking Vector OrnamentTraditional Birds And Curlicue Pattern DesignWhich Came First Seamless Pattern