Irina Karetina

Irina Karetina
Origin Russia
Member since 09 / 2017
About Me My name is Irina Karetina. Ich bin eine Vektor-Designerin aus Russland.
About My Designs My designs are influenced by all kinds of things. Everything that's new. Everything that`s beautiful. Everything that makes our world more colorful.
My Source of Inspiration All I see.
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design Painting, embroidery and polymer clay
Sugar Skulls Vector DesignSpooky Skulls Seamless Vector PatternSkulls and Bones Pattern DesignMotley Squares Seamless Vector PatternBats and Skulls Party Pattern DesignPizza Heaven Vector DesignSnowflakes and Christmas balls Pattern DesignTiles Of Pier Vector OrnamentMexican Powermix Pattern DesignGiraffes And Leaves Vector DesignSushi Penguins  Seamless Vector PatternRising Sun Waves Pattern DesignTacos And Burritos Repeat PatternHearts And Bows Vector DesignMotley Tropics Pattern DesignLovely frightened snowy cartoon monsters Pattern DesignDiffusion Of Triangles Design PatternCupcakes Pile Seamless PatternMonster skulls Repeat PatternPomegranate And Blossom Design PatternHearts beat in a beat Vector OrnamentBalalaika  RepeatCherries And Oranges Vector DesignGraphical Ice Crystals Repeating PatternHoliday in Mexico Repeating PatternSkulls and Eyeballs Repeat PatternFestive Christmas Repeating PatternBats and Skulls of Vampires Vector PatternMonster Faces Vector PatternGiraffe Family Repeating PatternCinco De Mayo Celebration Vector OrnamentSanta Clause is here Design PatternEvening in Mexico Design PatternAdventure with Hot Air Ballooning Repeating PatternFruit Pies Seamless PatternCinco De Mayo Holiday Pattern DesignThree Kinds Of Pies Vector PatternFruit slices and leafs Seamless PatternHidden Christmas Baubles RepeatBlooming Carnations Design PatternSlices And Leaves Vector PatternChristmas trees cookies Repeating PatternKhokhloma Matryoshka Vector OrnamentYummi Taco Day Pattern DesignJapanese Goodies Seamless PatternShamrocks And Hat Vector PatternTriangles With Rounded Corners Seamless PatternCreepy Monster Eyes Repeating PatternSushi Love Seamless Vector PatternChristmas socks with gifts Repeat Pattern Khokhloma Nested Dolls Seamless PatternCandy Santa Hats Vector PatternJapanese Lunch Time Vector PatternHexagons Or Cubes Repeat PatternIce Cream for Everybody Design PatternWatermelon and pumpkin skulls Vector DesignSaint Patrick From Ireland Repeating PatternTropical Beach Vector OrnamentChristmas Characters Pattern DesignModern Leaves Constellation Pattern Design