Isabel Schwarz

Isabel Schwarz
Origin Germany
Member since 04 / 2018
About Me My name is Isabel Schwarz. I'm a degreed designer living at a small but really nice place, called Saarland. I work as a freelance graphic artist and illustrator.
About My Designs My art is characterized by straightness and simplicity. I just use little colours but clear and extraordinary shape.
My Source of Inspiration All the little things of my everyday life do inspire my work. Maybe a small flower or a footprint on the ground or the special shape of a cloud.
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design All kinds of printproducts, illustrations, concepts, logos...
Peacock Plumage Pattern DesignBuffet At Alice Vector OrnamentAntique Head Vector PatternMandala Sun Vector DesignMinimalist peacock feather Vector PatternPanther On The Hunt Seamless Vector PatternMulti Vitamin Seamless PatternPeacock Feather Butterfly Vector PatternCups Seamless PatternChanel Seduction Design PatternKissing Zebras RepeatTequila Lemon Vector DesignTrippy Leopard Repeat PatternZebra Kiss Seamless Vector PatternRose Roses Seamless Vector PatternAnother Leopard Repeating PatternCactus Family Seamless PatternOrigami Fox Pattern DesignPortuguese Mandalas Repeating PatternRococo Shell Pattern DesignAbstract Octopus Vector PatternFantastic Flower Creations Vector OrnamentFlowers Dots And Circles Vector PatternAbstract Cuttlefish Vector DesignBees Wandering Repeat PatternFunny Lemon Vector Ornament