Helen Barlow

Helen Barlow
Origin UK
Member since 05 / 2018
About Me I live in a little English village surrounded by beautiful countryside where I love to design whilst listening to the birds.
About My Designs My head is bursting with ideas for new designs and I can't wait to keep sharing them!
My Source of Inspiration I'm inspired by everything around me, especially nature.
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design Illustrated characters and children's book illustrations.
Fluttering Butterflies Repeating PatternStrawberries Galore Vector DesignSports at a Glance Seamless PatternBeside The Seaside Seamless Vector PatternKitty Cat Rainbow Seamless Vector PatternQuirky Alphabet Seamless PatternFlamingo Feathers RepeatRainbow Dinocorn RepeatMagical Pastel Unicorn Repeat PatternBusy Bees Repeating PatternWorld Cup Russia Design Pattern