Vyacheslav Kolb

Vyacheslav Kolb
Origin Ukraine
Member since 06 / 2018
About Me I live and work in Kiev, Ukraine. Higher education architecture. I engaged in graphic design. Professionally engaged in the design of ceramic tiles.
About My Designs All the patterns in the vector are made very scrupulously.
My Source of Inspiration Modern trends in design.
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design
Broken Line Geometry Repeat PatternInterlocking Shapes Design PatternFine Plumage Seamless Vector PatternPseudo Cubes Seamless PatternGreek Tile Repeat PatternLine of Tendrils Seamless PatternCrocus Bloom Design Pattern3D Construction Seamless Vector PatternPalm Leaf Blanket Vector PatternScandinavian Patchwork Pattern DesignTropical Leaf Dream Vector DesignCross Square Vector PatternNautical Star Pattern DesignOctagonal Wheel RepeatZulu Vector OrnamentOriental Tile Work Pattern DesignArabian Nights Vector DesignStripe Snake Pattern DesignLove Is All You Need Repeating PatternRenaissance Tiles Vector DesignPlumage Repeat PatternAbstract Geometry Pattern DesignCholet Seamless Pattern1980s Highlight Vector PatternTrippy Camo Repeating PatternLeaves Of Autumn  Design PatternBath Tiles Vector PatternHexagon Uni Pattern DesignBauhaus Repeating PatternGirona Design PatternClassy Noble Damask Design PatternCan You See The Circle Seamless PatternAngular Shaped Lines Vector OrnamentTendril Damask Repeating PatternGeometry Wall Vector PatternPinstripe Shapes Vector DesignColliding Shapes Seamless Vector PatternAbstract Of Geometric Elements Repeating PatternStrong Shapes Vector OrnamentCalella Pattern DesignElegant Tiles Vector OrnamentLerma Tile Design PatternDo You See The Circle Repeating PatternOrange Fruits Repeating PatternGenova Design PatternColored Foliage Seamless PatternAbstract Spots And Curved Lines Repeat PatternConakry Pattern DesignOrnamental Scales Vector OrnamentWavy Zig Zag Seamless Vector PatternRhomb Division Seamless Vector PatternLine Of Stars RepeatRoundabout Vector OrnamentMemphis Interpretation Seamless Vector PatternHomogene Foliage Vector OrnamentEmst Vector OrnamentStylized Leaf Tile Seamless PatternAvignon Seamless Vector PatternAngled Patchwork Seamless Vector PatternMonochrome Terrazzo Vector Ornament