Ilona Repkina

Ilona Repkina
Origin Ukraine
Member since 07 / 2018
About Me Surface Pattern Designer from Ukraine Artist, black and white graphics lover!
About My Designs I use mixed technics: watercolor, black and white graphic, vector and raster illustrations, alcoholic markers and calligraphy brushes.
My Source of Inspiration Silhouettes of nature.
Typical for designs from
my country
Traditional floral ornaments, outlines.
Besides patterns I design Black and white linear graphics, sketches. Watercolor and alcoholic markers illustrations.
Zebra Stripes Seamless Vector PatternTiger and Zebra Chains Seamless PatternDark Halloween Repeat PatternHalloween Witchcraft Repeating PatternHelenium Autumnale Repeat PatternRomantic Rose Vector PatternAyurvedic Ginkgo Vector DesignWe Love Ginkgo Leaves Seamless Vector PatternSimple Clouds RepeatCheetah Skin Vector DesignColoring Peony Repeat PatternGinkgo-Leaf Vector OrnamentJapanese Sakura Vector PatternAmaryllis Blossoms Repeating PatternCacti And Peppers Pattern DesignRetro Paisleys Design PatternSeigaha Sakura Seamless PatternChinese Clouds Vector OrnamentRich Arabesques Seamless Vector PatternMagic Porcelain Seamless Vector PatternFalling Philodendron Leaves Repeat PatternOrnamental Alphabet Letters Pattern DesignEmbellished Alphabet Vector PatternChili Pepper Cartoons Design PatternGlorious Arabesques Vector PatternOpulent Arabesques Vector OrnamentTraditional Indian Paisleys Design PatternPhilodendron Leaves Vector DesignFlying Arabesques Seamless PatternLinked Arabesque  Design PatternMagnificent And Arabesque RepeatMagnificent And Arabesque Pattern DesignMagical Night Paisleys Design PatternMix of Chains RepeatJewelry Chains Seamless PatternNoble Arabesques Repeat PatternBlanket Flowers RepeatPillow Philodendron Leaves Repeating PatternPompous Flourishes Pattern DesignSweet Philodendron Leaves Vector PatternMexican Cacti Vector DesignAyurveda Ginkgo Seamless Vector PatternPompous Branching Repeat PatternCheesy Paradise Pattern DesignChinese Festive Clouds RepeatLemon Sketch RepeatLovely Engraved Roses Seamless PatternSunflower Harvest Seamless PatternPig Engravings Seamless PatternLimoncello Paisleys Seamless Vector PatternFancy Chains Vector OrnamentLemons And Zebra Fur RepeatRunning Ostrichs Vector PatternPrecious Chains Collection Seamless Vector PatternVertical Chains Seamless Vector PatternDamask Flourishes Pattern DesignSky And Chains Design PatternClouds In Asia Vector OrnamentVery Fresh Lemons Seamless PatternGingerbread For Christmas Vector Pattern