Yasmin Mirmoez

Yasmin Mirmoez
Origin Germany
Member since 11 / 2018
About Me I'm a graphic design graduate, working with patterns and designing patterns.
About My Designs I create my objects by using different graphic software or hand drawn motives. Also feel free to ask for color palettes that work best for you.
My Source of Inspiration Everything around me.
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design accessories and print materials
Cherry-Blossom Love Pattern DesignCubic Towers Design PatternHappy Valentines Day Pattern DesignCircles Fence Vector OrnamentDoodled Cross Vector PatternDots Vector OrnamentSnowflake Cutouts Pattern DesignKhatam Pattern DesignKufi Vector DesignPlayful Forms Vector PatternHalf Circle Vector DesignAbstract Oranges Vector OrnamentHot Summer Fun Seamless Vector PatternMashq Repeating PatternDotty Paradise RepeatSeventies Flower RepeatCrossed Squares And Lines Seamless PatternForms And Lines Pattern DesignCubic Scales Seamless Pattern3D Cross Seamless PatternCupcake Doodle RepeatOrigami Battleship Pattern DesignLens Arrangement RepeatSummer Circle Vector DesignCupcake Vector DesignThe Fence Of Love Vector Pattern