Sumeja Cerkezi

Sumeja Cerkezi
Origin Sweden
Member since 01 / 2019
About Me Hello and Welcome! My name is Sumeja and I'm a Sweden-based artist.
About My Designs
My Source of Inspiration Nature is my main source of inspiration.
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design Logo, illustrations etc.
Zebra Texture Vector DesignSimple Mandalas Pattern DesignBirds In Cage Repeat PatternLeopard Art Vector OrnamentGeometric Diamonds Design PatternPineapple Lines Pattern DesignGeometric Arrows Pattern DesignRose Petals Line Drawing Seamless Vector PatternAbstract Heart Mandala Seamless Vector PatternMoroccan Trellis Pattern DesignMagnolia Lines Vector OrnamentSweet Mandala Design PatternMoving Water Surface Seamless PatternHearts And Stars Vector DesignColored Chevron Pattern DesignCourted Flowers Vector OrnamentGiraffine Skin Seamless PatternChamomiles On Stripes Seamless PatternEnclosed Flowers Seamless PatternMeeting Of Circles Pattern DesignFeathers In Silhouette Repeat PatternBubbles In Circles Seamless PatternMandala Leaves Seamless PatternDoodled Squares Vector DesignTulips Line Art RepeatPolygon Hearts Pattern DesignChalk Strokes Design PatternSweet Cat Paws Pattern DesignChain Construction Pattern DesignSpecial Sequence Repeating PatternChamomile In Stripes Pattern DesignStripes In Stripes Vector PatternLava Lamp Dream Seamless Vector PatternSwirling Balloons RepeatWorld Cruise Seamless PatternMoustache Pattern Design