Wafaa Elsemary

Wafaa Elsemary
Origin Egypt
Member since 03 / 2019
About Me I am a freelancer pattern designer and Illustration artist
About My Designs My designs always talks about what surround me
My Source of Inspiration My source is my kids, environment, friends even my kitchen
Typical for designs from
my country
Besides patterns I design Flat Art, 2d characters, and illustration art
Paws And Hearts Repeating PatternCircular Flower Tile Seamless Vector PatternRounded Rectangle Shapes Design PatternFlower Maths Pattern DesignMinimalistic Flower Vector PatternSunny Thistle Seamless PatternGolden Meander Vector PatternEgyptian Symbols Design PatternFlowery Circle Vector OrnamentPalm Leaf Vector DesignSummer Lover Seamless Vector PatternModern Meander Pattern DesignPastel Circles Repeat PatternCoconut Tree Repeating PatternNubian Drawings Design PatternPaws In Circles Pattern DesignPeppy Tulips Repeating PatternClumsy Dogs Pattern DesignIn Love With Daisies Seamless Vector PatternSwimming Ducklings Vector OrnamentFlower Chess Repeating PatternFilled And Empty Drops Vector DesignWe Love Daisies Pattern DesignRetro Toy Cars Vector DesignWatermelon And Juice Jar Design PatternBig And Small Coffee Beans Seamless Vector PatternExplosion Flower Repeating PatternSimple Coffee Beans Repeat PatternLimes Pattern DesignIslamic Star Repeating PatternMacarons Vector DesignAll Your Little Ducklings Vector OrnamentCute Plant Parts Pattern DesignBicycle And Cloud RepeatEasy Target Pattern DesignAbstract Arabic Letter Vector OrnamentAncient Egypt Pattern DesignPush The Button Seamless PatternArabic Letter Repeating PatternPretty Witch Vector PatternThe Paw RepeatSimple Boat And Fish Pattern DesignAbstract Tile Vector OrnamentInterlaced Ogee Arch Repeat PatternGirly Bike Design PatternScandinavian Lifestyle Pattern DesignCaterpillar And Butterfly Vector DesignPumpkin And Bat Pattern DesignFantasy Stars And Circles Vector OrnamentWitch Hat And Pumpkin RepeatAbstract Concatenation Vector DesignContoured Drops Pattern DesignGeometric Patches Pattern DesignMinimalistic Ice Cream Cones Vector DesignAbstract Rounded Shapes Vector DesignMaths Vector DesignDark Drops Seamless Vector PatternFresh Coffee Bean Design Pattern