Elena Rybakova

Elena Rybakova
Origin Russia
Member since 07 / 2019
About Me Hi! My name is Elena. Patterns are my passion. I like all of them: abstract, modern, traditional from all over the world.
About My Designs
My Source of Inspiration Most of all I get my inspiration from colors and shapes. It's always a surprise what pattern can come out of them
Typical for designs from
my country
Traditional russian patterns usually contain what people saw around themselves every day: flowers, berries, pets in symbolic form.
Besides patterns I design Lettering, calligraphy.
Abstract Leaf Summer Design PatternRising Hydrangeas Pattern DesignHydrangea Love Design PatternJapanese Hydrangea Vector PatternAbstract Almond Vector PatternGrunge Stripes Seamless PatternTropical Abstract Leaves Vector PatternElliptic Leaves Seamless Vector PatternAbstract Heart Leaf Design PatternTasty Apple RepeatAbstract Overlapping Shapes Repeat PatternGrunge Leaf Summer Design PatternAbstract Forest Pattern DesignShells And Crabs Repeating PatternSea Love Seamless Vector PatternMagic Sea RepeatLovely Fish Vector PatternJellyfish And Fish Design PatternStarfish And Stones RepeatWe Love Autumn Seamless PatternGrunge Summer Seamless PatternLeaf Vector OrnamentCucumber Repeating PatternChestnut And Birch Leaves Design PatternTasty Avocado Seamless Vector PatternAutumn Love RepeatAutumn Leaf Vector Ornament