Daria Karuna

Daria Karuna
Origin Russia
Member since 10 / 2019
About Me I like to create abstract geometric patterns. I hope that my designs will bring a new pleasant experience to your surroundings.
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Triangle Spiral RepeatTriangular Geometry Design PatternMovement Of Triangles Seamless PatternDiagonal Jags Pattern DesignDiagonal Movement Of Geometric Shapes Design PatternSimple Geometric Shapes Repeat PatternSimple Triangular Shapes Design PatternBright Triangles Vector PatternVertical Triangle Zigzag Vector PatternSimple Rhombuses Vector OrnamentTriangle Spirals Repeating PatternRhombic Zigzag Repeating PatternZigzag Arrows Repeat PatternDiagonal Movement Of Lines Pattern DesignLittle Minimalistic Pyramids Repeat PatternSunny Geometry Vector OrnamentWavy Overlap Repeat PatternGeometric Ethnic Stylization Vector DesignLittle Hills Seamless PatternEthnic Triangles RepeatMovement Of Geometric Shapes Vector PatternLines Of Geometric Shapes Seamless Vector PatternTriangle Zigzag RepeatPastel Triangle Zigzag Pattern DesignIllusional Stars Design PatternDiagonal Check RepeatOptical Illusion Of Volume RepeatIllusional Chequer Seamless PatternJagged Arrows Vector PatternFluctuation Of Waves Pattern DesignDiagonal Fluctuation Vector OrnamentStacked Triangles Pattern DesignHerringbone Repeating PatternPyramids Out Of Triangles Vector DesignGeometric Wavy Lines Seamless PatternNeutral Geometry Vector PatternFluctuation Of Lines Vector DesignDiamond Triangles Seamless PatternFluctuation Of Geometric Shapes Seamless PatternRhombuses Out Of Triangles Repeating PatternSimple Zigzag Seamless Vector PatternZigzag-Movement Of Lines Pattern DesignStairway RepeatIllusional Leaves Repeating PatternEdged Lines Design PatternOptical Geometric Illusion Pattern DesignSquared Holes Repeat PatternSquare Frames Seamless PatternIllusional Waves Vector Ornament