Martina Stadler

Martina Stadler
Origin Austria
Member since 04 / 2009
About Me I have always been creative, but with pattern design I have found a specific design field I am really passionate about. I design patterns since I went to an arts college in Salzburg, where I made a degree in Media Design.
About My Designs My designs are mostly influenced by nature and by my travelings. Every destination brings its own inspiration and sometimes I can't wait to get home and let them flow into some new pattern creations.
My Source of Inspiration Nature, Traveling, Art, Children, History
Typical for designs from
my country
Traditional designs with illustrations of the regional flora and fauna.
Besides patterns I design Vektor Illustrations, Textile, Web- and Printdesigns for clients.
Zebra Black And White Vector PatternThe Forest King Blue Seamless Vector PatternIpomoea Design PatternRock Orange Vector PatternChocolate Baroque Vector PatternDolores Green Vector OrnamentNorwegian Winter Vector PatternIce Crystals Blue RepeatLilac Baroque Pattern DesignInes Pink RepeatEntwined Roses RepeatRosehips Seamless Vector PatternMaritime Waves Design PatternRed Hibiscus Pattern DesignAntiqua Gold Vector PatternAsia Seamless Vector PatternRocko Azur Seamless PatternAboriginal Twirls Green RepeatBlueberry Blue Pattern DesignLord Hampton RepeatCrystals White Pattern DesignUndine Green Pattern DesignHummingbird Repeat PatternSunflowers Red RepeatTurning Wheels Grey Repeating PatternAramis Lilaq Vector OrnamentLavender Waves Seamless PatternBlue Oasis Vector OrnamentDreaming Of Chestnut Leaves Repeat PatternDolores Blue Pattern DesignGolden Baroque Pattern DesignKolibri Dream Repeating PatternChestnut Leaves Black and White RepeatBirch Leaf At Night Design PatternGreen Baroque Repeat PatternOm Colorful Repeat PatternForget-MeNnot Light RepeatEnglish Tea Roses Seamless Vector PatternBeige Leaves Repeat PatternGentian Vector OrnamentPastel Hibiscus Pattern DesignYellow Rambler Roses Design PatternCinderella Black Vector DesignMiami White Repeat PatternWaves In Grey Pattern DesignBlue Onlooker Vector DesignPoseidons Flower Bed Pattern DesignMilkshake Pattern DesignSaree In Spring RepeatBaroquo Folk Pattern DesignNatashas Magic Garden Apricot Seamless PatternLeopards Want To Be Kissed Seamless Vector PatternJade Rain Repeat PatternEthno Branches Blue Pattern DesignAborigine Sunny Twirls Vector OrnamentRocking Orient Brown Repeat PatternMiami Pink Flamingo Vector DesignParadise Island Yellow Repeating PatternThe Bourbon Lily Seamless PatternStilismo Sand Repeat Pattern